A rock solid CNFT collection!

What are CyberStones?

CyberStones is a collection of 10,000 futuristic cyberpunk themed NFTs inspired by Etherrocks. The NFTs will be released on the Cardano blockchain.

Policy ID: 68b678a6c2d8a521b88e4c12124ecb27af42d02a23131fd0dda52ea4


  • Bearer of the NFT gets full ownership of copyright.
  • Fair release, team will not hold a part of the NFTs for themselves.
  • 100 stones will be preminted for giveaways and airdrops.
  • Mint on demand + fully random.
  • Image without background is included to make your own creations.

How do I get CyberStones?

You can obtain CyberStones by participating at launch or buying after the launch on the open market. We will also do giveaways on discord & twitter. The price will be exactly 30 ADA.



This project will be much more than just a quick sale. To give you an idea of what we're planning:

  • A CyberStone explorer
  • Maintaining a vibrant community
  • Launch other NFT projects within the cyber metaverse
  • Much more!